It’s Dark at 5:30am

Something I never think about is how dark it is in the world without any lights on. Most people, I think, never notice. This morning, we were up at 530 and Em was straight out the door so she could get a shower at her sisters house before going to work. We have one working light, a portable lantern which doesn’t throw much light. So we stumble around and try to brush our teeth and do the usual while not being able to see anything. I hate PG&E.

My rechargeable flashlight is dead. I managed to make my breakfast and eat in near darkness, I have the lantern, but everything takes longer when you can’t see it. I did get a generator after the last outage. I have that set up and my fridge and freezer are working. I get some light when I open it. That is a help.

I have a 7am workout this morning which I was late for since the outage eats time. Also forgot my gym key, it’s sitting in the dark at home. Called the trainer to let me in. I’m glad she is paying attention. Her power is shut off too. This is so much fun.

I am really not in the mood for a workout, I’m tired and the lights are out and my knee is still sore from Tuesday’s workout. I think that’s the time to go workout, when all is against it. Either way, I worked out. The trainer gave me an easier set of exercises to avoid my knee and still get it done. I’m exhausted but that could be lack of coffee. This is day 2 no coffee. I am going to get some decaf either way. It’s comforting.

So you can understand, dear reader, it’s now Saturday night. The power outage has put me in a mood. A mood to forget to blog anything. For that I am sorry.

I can kinda catch you up. Only kinda cuz my memory is only kinda functional.

The power returned Thursday evening around 5 to 6. I have noticed the assholes turn on and off at about that time each shut off. I don’t know why and they don’t say. The only things they say are in defense of their behavior. There is no defense for their behavior.

With power in we had a normal evening. I did receive a text from the assholes later that evening telling me the power was likely to be shut off on Saturday. Which means, in assholese, the power will be shut off in Saturday for an extended period. And, I will add, 528pm Saturday night it went off.

Emily spent her Thursday eve getting ready to go to Vegas. She, sister Dee, cousin Candace and aunt Joann are going to see Lady Gaga on Saturday night in Vegas. Should be a blast for them. I will stay home I am sure sitting in the dark. Night quite a concert.

So she packed. Surprisingly light as well. I even commented on it. Not sure what got into her.

Friday morning, up at 530 with a shower in our own house. Nice. Everything the same as usual. Kicked Emily out at 630. She goes to the airport directly after school. Won’t see her till Sunday depending on when she gets back. Marika and I go camping, leaving on Sunday afternoon. So we could miss her.

Since I am sure you have not heard, I am on a no coffee diet as of lat Tuesday. My doc thinks it might ease my intestinal distress which has been constant the last three months. As explained, you can develop a sensitivity to caffeine even after many years of consumption. This does not make me happy. I have to get by on decaf. That’s a much weaker 2nd cousin to real coffee. But I do what the dr says. I am off for two weeks and then we reevaluate. So, I stopped for decaf on the way to work. I don’t have any in my house.

I went by the speed shop on my way in. The parts, all of the missing ones, finally arrived today. Guess what? No one was available to install the parts. All were working elsewhere on a race car. F***. I wanted the car to pull the trailer this Sunday for camping. Car will be ready Monday. I will be in Mojave on Monday.

I was so upset I forgot to get all the trailer keys out of the car so those are spending the week in the shop with the car. I tell you this now on Friday. It’s a huge problem for the trip.

Today work was passable. I had one appointment. Finished his two tax returns. A big positive. He was happy. I also managed to finish a couple more after that. That’s really a productive day. The balance of the time was the usual crap – calls, emails, paper pushing. I left for home not to late. About 6. Still light outside and about 80. A great day for top down driving.

The evening was spent on getting ready for the power shutoff on Saturday. I did get my big gas van filled. The generator is important and it kinda needs fuel. Don’t burn much but does burn enough. Marika got home early enough we had dinner together. That’s nice. Best part is she wants to have dinner together. She tries though she does have important things to do so I can’t count on it.

I went to bed not long after dinner. I did wait for the final out of the World Series game. Some things seem important.

Saturday morning. Marika has decided we should make waffles and pancakes on Saturday. Neither has been in our menu since we left Silveyville. So I got up quite early, went to town and got buttermilk, a decaf, and gasoline. Had to top off the generator.

Upon my return we commenced. When we were done, the kitchen was a complete mess. And I had a waffle and a couple of pancakes soaked in pure Maine maple syrup. Probably worth it. Marika has to go to work so I was left to do dishes and pick up the food for the freezer. I drained the entire water heater. That’s a lot of dishes. The pancakes and waffles were a huge pile too.

I showered, once hot recharged, dressed and went out. Had to finally wash the car. It’s been a couple weeks. I’ve been too sidetracked to wash her. And she needs it considering she has been an every day car since the Fit went into the speed shop.

After the wash, go into town. Picked up more shut down supplies. Buckets to fill with water which are how we “flush” the toilet. Paper towels, for the house. Propane canister for the camping trip. Funny, all hardware and camping stores are out of propane. I ran across it in the grocers. On sale! 30% off. And they had a lot. Bought matches and a lighter too. Stopped by the butchers. Picked up two small steaks. Marika may have time tonight for dinner before she heads out to a party later.

Came home and finished the power out set up. Then I cleaned out the fridge and freezer. Power went out at 528, no timely warnings. In the middle of cleaning the freezer. Marika walked in at 529, excellent timing. For what I don’t know.

She was leaving at 645 so we set about getting dinner ready. I lit the Q since the power is off. Duh. Marikas contribution was a salad. I was doing steaks.

I for got to mention, or intimated, the keys to the trailer are in the Fit which is in the shop and unavailable. So, the locksmith showed up at about a quarter to six to unlock it. I was making old fashioneds at the time. None for Lockie. But he did unlock it at an exorbitant rate since it’s a weekend. My fault for forgetting the keys. But still, highway robbery.

We got rid of the locksmith. Finished making dinner. And ate at about 630. Steak and salad. A fine meal.

Marika left for the costume party, almost Halloween you know. Her costume was dressing as her good friend. Seems he never changes what he wears. Very consistent. So everyone should know who she is. When I was 28 I went as a cook at my work. He did not find it funny. Paying homage is an honor. And hilarious.

I am in bed now. A little blog. A little book. Tomorrow a big day. Pack gear and food. Looking forward to it. A week off.


PG&E is at it again. I am lying here at 952 pm with all power out. No lights. No heat. No water. I hate them. At least this time, there is a lot of wind. And I have a generator to keep the fridge and freezer going. Supposed to be out for 24 hours. Could be 48. I am sure pge doesn’t know either. Assholes.

Not sure I have much to say about today. We are dinner out tonight. Marika has marinated pork ribs for tonight but making the rest of dinner in the dark is tough. I could crank up the bbq but again it’s tough to cook all on coals in the dark. Tough to make breakfast. Just all sucks.

My drive up 49 to the house this evening gave nothing away. All businesses had power. Pge is of the opinion only houses burn. Seems very confusing. I think they selectively turn off the less dense housing areas that would have fewer people. Less complaints that way. Of course I am presuming they give a lot of thought to what they do. That’s probably not the case.

My work day was boring and I got very little done. Seems like the story of my life for the last month. I am getting a handle on most things still outstanding. This time of year is for pre tax season clean up and preparing late filings from the past year and prior. I have a few open audits as well. Not having fun.

This morning I did workout. My knee is very sore from yesterday. Trainer was trying to kill me and sho only succeeded in mailing me. I have iced and am on pills to make me feel better. We are going camping next week so no intense exercise, just some hiking. I need a week off. Every week

Same Day

Day same. Not much excitement. So, I will hit the high points if I can find any.

Well, getting up and feeding and coffeeing and etc was exactly the same as it is every other day. Low point.

I managed to get Marika out of bed early. Bikers run us out of the exercise room on Tuesday and Thursday so we hurry to get there. There was a big accident on 49, in town, lost our edge. Mid point.

Workout. Was a killer. Trainer overdid it. Must let her know. I still hurt. Stupid GD soon bikers took the room early. I hate them. They should die. Mostly high point.

Has to get home quick and get moving out the door. I have a dr appt at noon. I have internal issues going on 3 months. Anyhow, got moving at home and headed to dr. Mid point.

Had plenty of time to get to the dr. Except for a traffic jam five miles out. Held me up an extra ten minutes. I was 12 minutes late. This is different from other days so I say high point.

The dr. So I have been having issues for 3 months. Have been “irregular”. So irregular it’s the new regular. Bad. Anyhow, after exam and many, many questions, the doc decided to start by eliminating coffee from my diet for two weeks and see if any improvement. Seems ok. I am going to try it. No coffee low point. Getting the cure ? High point.

Off to the office. Hurried for my 1 o’clock appt. did not show up. Asshole. That’s three appts in a row missed. Says he is coming tomorrow. No, don’t believe it. High point.

Left late for home. Still have late tax returns to prepare and I need to hang around a little. Very Low point.

Balance of the day was the usual boring shit. Sorry to be forced to tell you. Low point.

Trip home was nice. No traffic and I was able to day dream and ignore all the other cars. Kidding. I pay attention. The drive up Lone Star R.D. was fast and furious. High point.

Taco Tuesday. Food is from a place in Auburn. Pretty good. But, the Chile verde Emily got is not good enough. Low point.

Now the TV time is on. Always low point. Always.

Bedtime. High point.


Nothing special going on today. It doesn’t even feel like we were away for the weekend. Got up at 530 which is late compared to the last three days.

All normal morning tasks were accomplished. Marika and I got off a little late to workout. No harm done.

My trainer tried to give me a hard workout but she failed. She asked up front how the workout she texted to me had gone. I told her it was easy. And this is why today’s was supposed to be difficult. It wasn’t.

The balance of today is not worth commenting on. Boring and obtuse. Not much of a day. So I’m moving to Tuesday.

Great Lakes

Sadly I had a phone call at 8am this morning in my hotel room. That would be 5am California time. What are these people thinking. My god, 5am? I was thinking of sleeping in another couple hours. But my host, Douglas, wanted to go on a tour of Fairport. And have breakfast at the Fairport Diner and then go to the pier nearby on Lake Erie. One of the lesser Great Lakes. Not picking on it, just the truth.

So with that call, I got up and quickly showered, shaved and dressed and headed out. The other California guest, Steve Dutra, was also going. That man, 69 years old, has boundless energy and was probably up at 5 Ohio time. Not sure how he does it.

Emily stayed at the lodge and helped set up for the reception. They had no one to help. Not sure what they thought unless they figured Emily would help. That would be a correct thought.

Girls stay, boys go. I like it. I have never liked setting up for parties though I have done a lot of it.

The drive to Fairport was about 45 minutes. During that drive I realized how much like his sister, Valero, Doug is. Valerie was our ride from the airport on Friday. You remember, I spoke of the missed turns and scary driving. This morning we hit an extra five miles courtesy of a wrong turn, stopping at a green light, inadvertent stopping for no reason but at least no scary driving. I have got to take away the keys.

Fairport turned out to be a small town on the shore of Lake Erie. Not special but nice. Has it’s own super fund waste site and a nuclear power plant. No one here complains. Though I hope I would.

The diner was ok. Doug advertised it as 5 stars on Yelp. I think that is misguided. 4 at best though the corn beef hash I ordered was homemade. Nothing else stood out other than the very low prices. It really reminded me of Maine. The entire experience. Funny.

After our breakfast we headed to the lakeshore. Checked out the breakwater, buildings etc. So, it’s a really big lake. Huge. Deepest point is about 60’. But being so shallow the wind causes severe weather out there in the lake. The waves and swell can be insanely high. Today, flat like glass. Water is about 68.

We walked down the pier where there were about 40 fisherman trying their best for Perch. Turns out it was not much of a day for fishing. Fortunately, that means we can chat with these guys and they can talk fishing and the surrounding areas.

So this one old guy stopped to talk. Told us all about the salt mines that go for miles, even under the lake. They take large equipment down in pieces and assemble down in the mine. Also several buildings built under the ground. None of it ever comes out. Like working in an equipment graveyard. Our fisherman friend also supplied the name of the nuke plant about 5 miles away: Perry. There used to be a chemical plant on the shore but it killed a bunch of people, in the plant and out. Now shut down and now designated as a super fund cleanup spot. Though there are still residual chemicals in the lake. And probably the fish. And anyone that eats them. Or breathes the air in this area. It’s a lovely story.

Nothing else of interest to see. Nothing historic here in the area. Just the big lake. That’s enough. We went back to the ranch. About 45 mins through pretty and mostly empty countryside.

Our lodge at Punderson State Park is also the wedding venue. And reception site. We returned and I helped a little with the set up. This is mostly due to Emily helping and, of course, volunteering my services for same. Doesn’t bother me. Waiting around for four hours for a wedding to start would be insane. Not good.

The set up took maybe 30 mins. Now the wait begins. We sat and read and sat and read. It was very tiring. Difficult to not feel trapped.

The ceremony is at 430. We got ready at 3. So, I was ready at 3:05. I sat and read. Emily took about an hour. When finally ready, we headed out to the wedding area behind the lodge on the back lawn. There is a lake and lots of trees in full fall color. About as nice as Ohio gets. Weather was spectacular too.

We watched the whole area fill with customers. That was fun. Only sixty attendees. After awhile the music started and the usual escorting in of important people happened. I knew most but there were a few strangers.

Groom and best man took their places at the front. So far very standard. As I said, I like the usual wedding activities, nothing needs to stray or be new.

Time for the big walk, bride and Dad. I did not think the dress she chose was very becoming. Love her but not her dress choice. Groom was crying when she walked down the aisle, so was dad. I’ve known dad many years and he is emotional.

The vows were conservative though not completely traditional. Close enough. Bride’s cousin officiated and he was a hoot. Humor is always welcome. Makes the mundanity go away. Ceremony was under 10 mins. Not a record but who cares?

Em and I headed over to the reception, only 100’ away. I broke in the bartender. Outdoor portable bar, beer, wine and run of the mill mixed drinks. I managed to figure out a decent cocktail. We got ourselves some of the charcuterie and a table and did the pre dinner thing. Got to talk to people I don’t know and will never see again and a few I do know and still may never see again. Fun.

Staying with the traditional reception, after 30 mins or so we moved to the dining room and found our seats. All important parties made an entrance, announced, and took their seats. This took awhile, seems no one wanted to be left out.

when all were finally seated, dinnertime, right? No. Time for the speeches by best man and maid o honor and father on both sides and groom and bride who’s last comment was “it’s time for dinner, right?” Yes.

The meal was excellent by Cleveland standards. But I live by California standards. So meal was average and many things I did not eat. I just don’t have the midwestern taste in food.

I did have a glass of Cabernet, from Ohio, with my dinner which I can say was not completely undrinkable. Very close to it, I will say.

After dinner, we had the usual reception dances – father bride, mom groom, assorted others. We got to be in the anniversary dance but lost out to a couple married 45 years. Someday before we die, we might get the chance.

The dancing and drinking went on, unabated, for awhile. Everyone over 30 left including us. I arranged a ride to the airport for tomorrow and we went up to bed. There is no Uber way our here.

Back to our humble room. We packed and cleaned up and went to sleep.

Cleveland Did Not Rock

We can’t sleep in today. Our flight back is at 1105 and it’s an hour to the airport. Of course the 2 hour before thing to get through security is in place. So we need to leave by 8. An hour to get ready, no breakfast, puts us at 7 am rise. I love getting up early because 7 am is 4 am CA time. Nice, right? Right. 

We spent our hour wisely and got cleaned, dressed and packed and down to the lobby by 8. No one else was there. Driver, Doug, arrived at 813. The three youngsters, led by Rachel Sanford arrived around 830. Time to go kids. 

Ride to Cleveland was without event. Good. Took an hour. Everyone on hangover mode so quiet too. 

At airport, hugs an kisses, goodbyes. All the stuff it’s always sad to leave. But, I get to go home. That’s a happy day. 

The airline had a backup at check-in, took ten minutes for luggage and boarding pass. Not bad. 

To security. Remember the 2 hour rule. We used that. Miserable. Why is it a similar size airport, say Sacramento, can get twice the line through in half the time? What’s different in Cleveland? I’m goin with bad management. I hate the TSA anyway. Totally worthless organization.

They provide a false sense of security by searching people who are not going to do anything anyway. And we stand in line for it. Put up with it. If you complain they put you through the back room search for no other reason than to show their power. First ones up against the wall. 

Once past security there is a sense of normalcy. We no longer have to stand in lines and be on the lookout for jack booted thugs. We found our gat, each hit the head and then sat and waited for our flight. 

And wait. And wait. Half the passengers loaded. And then it happened. Over the loud speaker, the captain of our flight wanted to wait for another weather report before continuing. Proceed to offload the plane. For those of you not familiar with the jargon, it meant those on the plane had to get off. Deplane as the midget always said. 

Now we get to double our worries. We have a connection in Denver and a 50 minute window to work with there. Fortunately, I have nothing to do when I get home save eat dinner and feed the dog. So if I end up getting in late, so be it. And, I get all the joy of sitting in an airport. Just short of trying sleep in an airport joy. 

It must be a great day. 30 minutes later boarding and reboarding started. Is it still a privilege to board first when you have already boarded once before? I hope not. Entitled pricks. 

Our seat, again, is at the very back of the plane. Very convenient in terms of the restroom but socially inconvenient in terms of other passengers and getting off the damn plane. 

Well I would like to say the flight was boring. But if I’m writing about it, it wasn’t. There was the fun of extreme turbulence on takeoff and again on approach to Denver and my favorite – the full power landing. I sat next to a gentleman once long ago who explained it. We having just experienced it that day. With severe winds the pilot uses full power to control the plane and they come in hot. The gentleman had been on a flight to Iowa City, I think,  and the plane that day hit the ground hard under full power, and the plane broke into 3 pieces and 110 people died. He had been nice enough to share that after we landed. But, now, I recognize every time a full power landing and I hold on for dear life. Turbulence means funky wind. Sorry to have told all of you. 

A little good news, though we landed late our Sacramento plane had not arrived and was delayed thirty minutes. A little bad and a little good. Now we had time for ice cream which I had suggested to Emily who almost upchucked on the flight to Denver. No barf bags available and plane was on lockdown so can’t go find one. 

So we sat. Quite a time. Ate some ice cream. That was particularly good. Overpriced airport ice cream. Oh well. I read a book. Emily continued to look sick. 

Hey, guess what, I get to write about takeoff and leaving the CO mountains. Again, only when exciting do I write. What a day. 

Takeoff. Same shit an hour later. Extreme turbulence. Twice. On takeoff and as we passed over the Rockies. And, we got the full power climb up to try and get us out of the crap. I would say, did not work. This time the plane had barf bags which I had checked for when I got on the plane. You know, fool me once and all. Emily was across the aisle doing same. We learn. 

The rest of the flight, which is almost in Sacramento, boring. Yay. I finished the sequel to the Handmaids Tale. And I recommend it. Read them in order of publication if you want a good understanding. Author did a fantastic job creating a dystopian society. Not so easy a thing as some have told me. 

Flight continued. Pretzels and coffee. Guy next to me kept trying to sleep on my shoulder. He was neither fat nor sweaty. A good omen I believe. Though I did aggressively dissuade his encroachment. Which is probably why he woke up. I don’t much care for his well being. Not in a metal tube at least. 

We are flying over the Sierras, they are beautiful on a clear sunny day. Especially true when I am heading home. I like going home. Travel has its place but I prefer to eat, sleep and recreate at or from home. I do find my spirits lifting. It’s a great day. 

It is so smooth flying over the Sierras I believe we are being rewarded for staying the course. It’s just pleasant. And, I just signaled Emily across the aisle and she is thumbs up so not air sick. I waved a bag at her. I try to be subtle.  

I should mention, the Sacramento airport is probably the best airport in the entire world. Most of the time. Today definitely. No reason, today, except I am so happy to finally be here.

Not much to the rest of the day. We drove home. Made dinner with Marika. Mostly her. Relaxed a little and unpacked and off to bed early.

Way To Go Ohio

If you are lucky, a travel day has nothing exciting going on. No one wants anything to report because it is always bad.

We arrived at the airport plenty early. Found parking in the furthest economy lot. Trouble. We were at the furthest pick up spot for the bus. First two arrived full and did not stop. Uh oh. We were waiting 30 minutes by the time we were picked up. Made the cut off by five minutes. That’s it, all the days excitement.

Off the bus directly to the airline counter. Checked in and got ripped off for a $30 baggage fee. Fun. Went to security, absolutely no line. We were alone. And straight through.

To the gate. About twenty mins till load up. Seats are assigned so no worries. Just wait till called. Which will be last. And we have the very last row in the plane. Why don’t they put me in first? It’s a wonder.

The flight to Chicago, our connection, was without incident. See, Boeing leaves nothing to describe. Had a nice cup of coffee.

Chicago. Had to walk a quarter mile to our departure gate. Awful, isn’t it? I told you.

Our flight to Cleveland was on a commuter aircraft. Kinda the “fun size” of airplanes. They fly different and move around differently than the big boys. It’s more of a sports car aircraft. But, again, no excitement.

Ahhh, Cleveland. Unimpressive. More of a rundown Sacramento. Similar airport, except for age. They had one improvement though, no parking Nazi at the terminal yelling at people to keep moving. That was nice.

Doug, father of the bride, provided a ride from airport to lodge. His sister Valerie. Wow. Talk about exciting. She couldn’t get her nav working so I did mine. She proceeded to make about 4 wrong turns requiring a u turn. One was a five mile mistake. And, she was truly a scary driver. I did not want to say anything but yikes. I was so glad to be in the back seat, that way I could pick up some speed to pass through the windshield at least.

By 20 miles out she settled down and was able to calmly drive. Far fewer cars seemed to help. She did say she could not handle the traffic which in my opinion was not traffic. And, she can’t handle driving, really. Good thing she’s nice.

The drive to the lodge was about an hour. If I had driven, 35 – 40 minutes. I didn’t drive. The lodge is in a state park. Beautiful place, with a lake. But, it’s getting dark and the restaurant is closing soon so we dropped our crap and went to eat.

Well, Nothing special to write home about. Food was fine. Emily had a chicken Brie sandwich without bread. And it was good. I had a maple glaze pork loin which was subpar. It was not pork loin. It was a boneless shoulder cut. Which is not loin. Wrong part of the pig. And overcooked. Fail. But hunger says eat. And they boiled the green beans. Where the hell am I? Ohio? Oh yeah. Also a mediocre glass of wine. California will ship.

About the time we finished dinner, Doug and Shelley appeared. Father and mother of the bride, some of our oldest friends. In tow, Steve Dutra, friend from Dixon. The only other Californian besides us. Everyone else is Texas or Ohio. We win farthest drive. Probably no prize.

So we ordered a round of drinks and sat and caught up on things. Have not seen them in quite some time in a relaxed setting. I saw Doug at tax time in my office. Shelley may have been a couple years ago. It’s a little strange seeing someone after a couple years. You have to get reacquainted really. We lived next door to them several years ago for several years and knew each other to well. Friends and neighbors.

We wandered down to the reception room, first floor of hotel/lodge. And while their, the ladies decided we should set out some of the table decor. Spent 30 mins on that. More tomorrow I am sure.

Time for bed. It’s tiring flying in a plane. And time change and all. More tomorrow.


The littlest things can cause the biggest problems. If traveling by boat 350 miles and you are one degree off course, you would miss your destination by 7 miles. A small change makes a huge difference.

Why do I speak of this now? Well, in the mornings my timeline is set by what Emily’s doing. I time all by her morning as I attempt to speed her out the door and off to work. This morning she was 15 minutes late getting out the door which puts me same amount behind on what I do for myself. And every move just gets a little later. I did all the same stuff and woke up the kid at the same point in the morning but all later. So we end up at the gym later. And more people there. And we have to modify our workouts and it uses more time. And we are later. Which is why I did not set off for work till 1125. All this due to Emily being late. One degree.

My midday drive to work was very pleasant. Sun is out, top is down and freeway is not crowded. Makes for a pleasant drive.

Work is not so special. Or memorable either. As is often the case, I can’t remember five hours later. Has only one appointment, at 4, to fonover a notice a client received from the CA tax idiots. They want more money. Fortunately they are dead wrong. Still, I have to work to make sure my client does not get screwed. It’s a shit system.

A couple other appointments did not show up. Which does not bother me much really. It means I have free time. I usually squander it, but at least I get it.

I left for home at about 530. A short time after my 4 o’clock left.

The drive home was as nice as this morning. Just the right time of year for a drive. Not hit or cold. Just pleasant.

on the way jame, on 49, in Auburn, Emily pulled up next to me. She said later I had passed her 3 times and not noticed her. I don’t believe that. It’s fun to see her driving, for some reason.

Even though we were next to each other, I arrived home 5 minutes before her. I may drive faster. Not sure.

Good news. Marika picked up some dinner for us all. Actually, we had leftovers and she picked up some new top. F ine cuz I ain’t cooking. And it was delish, leftover taco wraps, leftover Asian beef wraps, tomato soup and tikka masala.

After dinner Emily and I packed for Cleveland. Ashley Sanford, daughter of very good friends, is getting married there on Saturday. There you have it. It’s a must go thing. We will be up at 430. Ouch.

The Day After. No Bomb

Yesterday’s deadline is gone. And forgotten. At least by me. Now I truly have little to do in the office. Maybe I can clean it up a bit.

Btw, I found a couple loose blog entries in my draft folder and just posted them, without any explanation. Hope I am not confusing anyone. If I am, lo siento.

Today is a weird day kinda. I got the usual, food and bev for Em and the pets. Kick her out. Chicken curry soup for breakfast. It works for Indians. Read a little news. Shower. No workout. Why? Today I have plumber and electrician coming over to fix crap and the usual problem, they gave me a window for arrival. Which I hate. Like the cable company – just take the day off for us. It’s rude but rude is how they do it. Right now, I wait.

Sparky showed up before 10. Which is nice. There is still the plumber at 10 to 1. That’s the window, not the odds. So, Sparky. He got there and went right to work. This guy was a little slovenly in appearance and 30 to 40 lbs overweight. Nice guy when he finally warmed up and started talking.

We have quite a few things for him to fix and or install. Off the top he made the patio light switches work together. And fixed the hot switch in the dining room. I had quite a few other items which were new installs like lights on the patio and a new 4 gang receptacle and breaker. Other things too. We realized halfway through he would be coming back to finish up. Maybe next week.

Once the electrician left, all that remained was a visit from the plumber. At 1045 he called, he was 40 to 50 minutes away. Great. Now at least I can plan my day. Here by 1230. I got a call at 1240, his truck had broken down. So I waited almost 3 hours for dick. That is how it goes. They said sorry like that’s enough.

I left for work. Got there by 130 so there is little time for work. I managed to finish a few tax returns and little else before I left at 5. Pisses me off. I did receive a half case of wine in the mail. Cab Franc. Good stuff.

Headed home at a quarter past. Nice drive home. Very little traffic. Everyone was there when I got home.
Marika is making Asian lettuce wraps for dinner. It’s so nice when she makes dinner. I don’t have to do much just wash dishes.

Dinner was great. Very tasty. The new wine was the perfect accompaniment to our dinner. Actually, perfect with anything.

Emily went to bed early and I followed up. I am tired even though the day was short. I am having trouble staying awake. So maybe go to sleep?

Friday Again

Today was not the best of days. We had. I chores and nowhere to go. I was bored for the most part. I guess this is vacation. Home all day. Raining all day. We had nothing planned in the am and I guess I should avoid that in the future.

We do have plans this evening. We are going to opening night at the Maine Intl Film Fest. The movie we will be seeing is called Blow the Man Down. I know nothing about it.

We are going with Ed and Helena. Our plans start at 3 when they pick us up. The festival is in Waterville about 20 miles from where we are. We went to Waterville and stopped at a furniture store, Modern Underground, a favorite of all of us. They and us have spent plenty here on some beautiful mid century furniture. Sometimes we go just to look since we can’t afford all the nice things we see. Helena ended up having a long negotiation over two chairs she loved. They are nice. In the end, no movement in price and she did not buy. Ed told her to do it but she is stubborn. We saw a few things we liked, but did not love. Saw many things too pricey for us too. So it goes.

We left. Went out to the Proper Pig.its a local eatery and bar very near the venue for the festival. I had a passable prickly pear margarita. Mine are much better. Since we had not eaten and won’t till much later, we shared Poutin. It was really quite good.

The theater was only a few hundred yards away, so at about 530 we headed over. The opening night film is Blow the Man Down. I know nothing about it. Turns out it was shot in Maine in winter which has to be tough. Movie being shot here makes it a crowd favorite. It was a thriller with a lot of small town backstory and plenty of twists in the plot. Almost entirely all female cast. I loved it, and I was not alone. After we got the usual Q n A with the producers and such. Fun stuff. We

After the movie, we headed back to Ed n Helena’s for eats and liquor. Some cheese and crackers and a few shots of nice tequila. We sat around enjoying ourselves for quite some time. Late in the evening to was home to bed.