Pre Friday Holiday.

I can’t remember Thursday. Yesterday. It’s 815 pm Friday. I am reheating tamales and Chile rellenos for our evening meal. Dinner. We just got back from downtown, having stopped at the Ale House Annex for food and bev on the way home. That would be beer and appetizer for the wife and a cider for me. Good times.

Hey, I just remembered, last night we made pizza for dinner. Cauliflower crust. Excellent. That’s all I remember of Thursday.

This morning no workout. It’s Friday. So I wasted my morning reading the paper and drinking coffee. Btw, I am going to make cold brew tomorrow. That shit is expensive at Starbucks and all other coffee places. I need to save money. Looks real easy to do. Should be a fine weekend project. Got nothing else to do except clean out the shed. What fun!

Well, went to coffee place on the way to work. In the race car. Spent 5$ on a cold brew. Told ya it was pricey.

Off to work. I have an appointment coming in at 1130. Am insurance guy who needs financial info on two of my clients. For two insurance policies. So we sat and shot the shot and filled out financial apps for the policies. Very large payoff policies. Which is why they talk to me. Sorta gives my life some meaning. Sort of.

He left. So I worked for awhile. And stres into space for awhile. Did payroll. Answered the phone too many times. Client showed up, unannounced, with questions on a notice he received from the FTB. Which I explained to him and helped him understand. It takes a lot to keep him in line.

Next runner up, client came by with signed forms for me to review and mail for him. He had also received a notice which wanted $14k in federal tax. Miscalculated by IRS but I fixed that. Mailed his forms.

My day had little left in it. Tried to finish a few things but ended up just leaving. Emily has called and she was stopping downtown for a drink and food. So I decided to join her. Work is boring anyhow.

So it’s a holiday weekend. Last weekend of summer and all. So, what do I see? Backed up traffic on the freeway. Lots of backed up traffic. So my usual quick drive turned into an hour. By the time I got to downtown Auburn, parking way up the hill, Emily was through her second beer and most of the appetizer she ordered. I ordered a cider, I don’t like beer. We chatted with other bar patrons and left for home about 15 minutes after I got there. Fine by me.

We went home. On the way I called an old friend to wish him happy birthday and that turned into a 30 minute phone call. Have not talked to him in quite awhile. Long time. I was sitting in the driveway on the car Bluetooth for a long time. He is coming to California next month and we will see him.

Em and I had tamales and Chile relleno for dinner. In front of the TV. Way better than going out. I always prefer a new at home.

We have been watching bad TV for an hour. I am now going to bed. Sorta early. Hurray for my team.

Used to be Best

645am. Not great to be up and moving and very awake. But, Emily is out the door, Marika asleep, animals fed and resting. Peace in my world. I am sitting, enjoying that and the beautiful view to the east. If you have never been here, I’m on top of a hill at about 1600’ elevation. I have a 100+ mile clear eastern view. Perfect for sunrise, like now. Oh yeah, have my feet up. Drinking coffee. I get ten minutes of this most days. Then it’s back to reality. The stupid phone rings. No peace.

Today is a throwaway for the most part. Usual stuff, workout, ready for work and go.

My friend Bob is coming by the office at noon. We are going to lunch. La Trattoria. I’ve never been there, it’s out in the 40’s on J St, near another clients place.

So Bob arrived, I had only been in the office 10 minutes. We left. Drove down J St to our location. Turns out this is a Czech/Italian restaurant. Seems weird. Very European feel as well. Though they don’t serve euro style. Interesting menu, stuff you don’t see every day. A nice surprise, on the menu, Chicken Paprika. That was a childhood favorite of mine, made by my mother with some frequency. So I ordered that. It was not up to Moms but still quite nice and little trip down memory lane. That was fun.

Back to work after lunch for no more than an hour. Off to Dixon at 230 for a visit downtown for a haircut and things. I look fantastic. Emily popped in from school to say hi, she is having a bad day. Not sure why.

I left for work, slogged thru traffic and got back to the office by 530. I am not heading home because we have a new restaurant, a specialty chicken place, soft opening to attend. Being invited to openings at Midtown eatery’s is a measure of how cool I am. Very cool, at least that’s what others think. I don’t give two shits for it. Of course, I have heard, disinterest in events makes you even more cool. I guess I can’t escape it. And I was able to invite my wife and daughter too. They really enjoy this type of thing and that makes me happy.

Our evening at Bawk (really) wa quite fun. We arrived early and went next door to The Shady Lady, world famous for cocktails, for a cocktail. Ended up being two drinks. Place is fun, lots of people there at the bar. We talked to bartender, other customers, had drinks. A grand pre-party experience. Best of all, our seat mates were quite jealous of our invite to the party next door. That’s fun.

Bawk. Bawk. Dinner. We checked in next door at our appointed hour. They have us chicken money to spend. We ordered the house specialties, chicken, sides like the cornbread (xtra good), buffalo cauliflower, wings, special cocktails (need work). We ate all of it. Even drank the cocktails we only half liked. The owner came by a couple times to see how we liked the food and drink. I am working on his audit now so he gives me attention. We were honest with him, chicken and other food was very good. Drinks, not so much. They were variations on the original famous cocktails. Maybe they should have used original recipes. Restaurants want to be unique. To the heir detriment at times.

Well, end of a long day where I got very little accomplished. But had fun. We went home. Three separate cars. Got home about 10 and hit the hay.

Chile Verde

Monday is over. It wasn’t worth a damn. So I am ignoring it. If no one records what happened, did it really happen? The trees whisper a gentle no. Way to go trees.

Today’s workout, no trainer, was a butt kicker. I am sore and tired and generally beat. I think it may have something to do with having been sick the past few days. I’m weak because of it. At least I hope that’s why.

Btw, Marika did not workout with me. She is still complaining about pain in her shoulder from the last time she worked out. She has plans to see a medical professional tomorrow. He will probably say same thing I did – take ibuprofen and ice it. I coulda been a dr.

I got home and got cleaned up. Have to be in office by 11 for an appointment. Strangely, I have two appointments with brand new clients. One who called this morning. The internet is finally paying me. Bout damn time.

So off to work. It was a quick drive sans traffic.

New client not arriving for an hour. I spent the time looking at messages and emails and the usual crap. I have two IRS auditors bothering me for info and etc. I do hate them. I wish they would die. Naturally, of course. Like from poison or a gunshot to the head. A double tap, just to be sure.

Client arrived on time. Same time as my friend Bob showed up and said let’s go to lunch. Has to disappoint Bob. We are gonna go out tomorrow instead.

New client had an incredibly easy tax return and I was able to charge somewhat higher. Yay team Bill!! Nice lady. I like her.

The balance of my afternoon was spent doing the usual paperwork. Managed to finish another tax return, made many calls, answered emails. The thrilling and electric world of accounting. Be jealous.

My second appointment of the day, a retired couple, came by at 330. They had rescheduled the time from 430. Which is better. This being a first year return with the a lot of detail, I spent the first half hour typing and asking questions. Also reviewing the last years return was required. Usual. Lots of intricate detail to do put in place. Took another hour. I charged a really good price, for me at least, and they were ok with it. Nice.

Hey, good thing, the appointment lasted till after 5. I just finished up going through emails and headed home.

Other good news, my bourbon of the quarter shipment arrived today. And this one had three bottles in it. Where will I put it all? Into cocktails of course.

Headed for home. No traffic. Again. Had to stop for gas, the only slow down.

Emily was already home. With our taco Tuesday. Marika was not home yet so I thought it a great opportunity for a whiskey tasting with the new bottles. And it’s even dinner time which is the best time for liquor. Breakfast being a close second.

Emily has stopped at a local fruit stand as well and picked up tamales, cookies, and turnovers both apple and cherry. I think she was shopping hungry. We have lots of treats. They go with the chocolate milk she got yesterday. The woman is over the top.

Marika got home about now. She joined the whiskey tasting. Always clean family fun. Drink together, stay together.

Dinner was amazing. We love taco Tuesday, btw. I are all mine, the ladies not so. They provide leftovers for future lunches.

After dinner, u know, bad tv. Emily laid down on the floor for who knows why. She is currently snoring. Probably easier to just go to bed. Which is where I am going. Maybe I will leave her there. Turn the lights out.

Sunday is Dog Day

I woke up this morning, fitful night, and I was exhausted. I guess I am still sick. It sure feels like it.

Emily has energy. I woke first but she is going to go do yoga. I don’t have that energy. I do need that for tomorrow because I want to work out.

Emily drive me down to the mailbox so I could get the Sunday paper. These delivery guys have finally got the idea that I am a customer and three day’s a week they deliver. Only took three months for them to figure that out. Losers.

I had to walk back, of course. And being sick does not help. I was wiped out by the time I got to the porch.

So, instead of doing anything, I sat and read the paper and drank coffee. Not so strenuous. Marika up a little later. She did much the same.

I had promised last night to make corn beef hash. I bbq’d the meat last night with the roast. This morning I ran it thru the grinder, added the potatoes and onions and fried it up. Emily got home in time to have a hash brunch. I do add a fried egg or two on top to finish it off. Another family favorite.

We had our meal. I out did myself. I did all the dishes and started the washer. Then I sat down to rest. I am sick. Emily wanted help washing the dog so there goes a half hour. Finally done. Sat down to rest. I am sick. Emily wanted help trimming the dog. That was almost an hour. I am sitting down now. On the pot but will soon move to the living room. Maybe no one will find me something to do and I can rest. I am sick.

Ok, lying on the couch. Still need to wash my car. The sun is up high and it’s about 100. On its way to 103. I am going to wait till the shadows are long and temp is below 3 digits. There is no hurry. I might go run errands. Or not.

I slept about an hour. Look, Cissie, no hands! I napped! Can’t say I feel rested but I am not any worse off. The cat joined me on the sofa. She loves me for some reason, maybe letting her move in 6 years ago had something to do with it. That could be it. Or she just wants company.

Emily is going to run errands without me. Which is fine. I will sit here in the quiet. Resting. Maybe I can get better. I am still on to wash the car as soon as it cools a little.

She’s been gone for awhile now. I like it when it’s quiet here. Except for the sound of the ceiling fans, floor fan, and AC. It’s a hot day. But, no TV and no voices. Animals silent. Quiet. I am not sleeping, just sitting and doing nothing. What I am supposed to be doing, recuperating. I guess.

May go wash car in 30. Got to get that done. At 5 I went to wash the car. Just me, Em is still at the store. Getting groceries and etc. but, I need a clean car. Emily arrived home about the time I started in on the car. So I helped her unload and then washed the car. The stupid gray cat got out when I brought in the groceries which will become a problem later. Cuz the cat is a jerk off.

I finished up the car. Emily made chicken soup for dinner. We work well apart as a team. If you know what I mean. My work took awhile but my race car is now as beautiful as it was built.

Went in once all was put away. Had nothing else to do so I went back to sitting. Wife does not want me getting sicker. So she encourages my lethargy.

Dinner. Em made super spicy hot chicken soup. She believes it cures the common cold. Really. It is really good. And I do feel better. Soup is good food.

After dinner we sat and watched really awful TV. For an hour or more. I lost track.

At 8, which is about dark, we went to look for the gray cat. It’s best to get the cat in before Marika gets home. Tonight she works close and gets home late. She goes over the edge when her cat is outside late. If she ever has a kid it will be hell. For her and the kid.

After 20 minutes of searching, the cat just showed up. I have him some chicken. Reward for coming home. Lucky cat.

More bad TV. Em has some ice cream. I had more ice water in hopes of getting more healthy. Not sure it’s working but plenty of fluids is what I’m doing.

Emily has wandered off to get ready for bed. I am joining her very soon. Like when I finish typing this sentence.

Even Though I’m Sick

Saturday is not a day of rest. And I’m still sick. And I’m not resting.

Emily went to yoga this morning. Hot yoga. I am really uninterested in hot yoga. My old financial planner had a heart attack and died during a hot yoga session. No yoga for me.

I stayed home and read the paper. Much better. I also had coffee and leftover Pho for breakfast. Very tasty.

Emily was gone for an hour and a half. I had enough time to do all the above and take a shower. She got home about the time the plumber and Walker showed up. Yes, sounds weird. But, Walker was going on a ride with his friend, Heinz, a plumber, this weekend. By Auburn. And I need a plumber. So he stopped at my house and did a little review of our issues and is going to now send a bid. Just for fun, we need – a new water heater, a drain and water supply in the coffee cabinet, and a fix for the lav sink and master shower valve. I am sure it will cost far too much.

After they left, time to clean the house. For a couple hours. I vacuumed. And picked up shit. Then I washed one of the cars. I have six cars so I wash cars often. Have another for tomorrow.

Emiky cleaned the bathrooms and mopped. What fun!

Once done we cleaned up and headed out to run errands. Two or three stops in Auburn for gas, hardware, and food. Off to the mall in Roseville. More stops for pet food, housewares, and other crap I can’t remember. I wasn’t into it.

Back home after two and a half hours of retail fun. Ok not fun. I spent my time blowing my nose and coughing. And feeling like crap. I’m sick, remember? I feel it through my entire being. I am not enjoying this cold. At all.

I feel much better being home though I did spend the first 15 mins, after getting home, sneezing my brains out. Now I feel better. Sort of. I made a rhubarb margarita, I hear they do wonders for common cold. Or not, who cares. It’s just what I made.

Got the bbq going, a roast has been marinating since this morning. It’s now grilling. It will be awesome. I think.

Wheel is on the TV, so life is ok. I am not coughing quite as much as earlier. I still feel like crap. I may go to bed early.

Sick as I am, I have to grill the roast. So I have to pay attention to what is going on. And btw, my wife does mumble. If she says otherwise, it’s bs.

Got the roast off the grill about the time marina texted to let us know she was on the way home. So we held dinner for her.

We were able to have dinner together with her before she ran out to go to a friends birthday party in Dixon. She keeps busy.

She took off and we cleaned up. I brought the other piece of meat, corned beef, in off the grill. We are making hash tomorrow. Everyone’s fave.

I still feel lousy but the giants game is in the tv and I want to see it. Has not been many on regular tv this season. And giants are up five runs, late. Looks good.

Once this is over I need to sleep.

Sick Day

Boy did I ever have a shitty nights sleep. I felt like I woke every 15 mins to cough and blow my nose. Em said I was snoring like hell. Hard to believe I had time. I woke up exhausted which is not the omen I had hoped for. Obvs it’s gonna be a lousy day. Being sick is not helping me.

Since it’s friday I am not going to workout. Mon to thurs only, it’s enough. I am still sore from yesterday and Marika claims she is injured. I doubt it. Every workout has a hangover, some worse than others. Hans and Franz said just walk it off. Works for me.

Since I had no workout, I had extra time. To waste. I read the paper. That’s awesome. Drank coffee. Then got ready for another fantastic day.

I went downtown to the shoe store to pick up Marika’s slippers (2nd pair) from repair. They were closed. So I called Marika to tell her to pick up later. No, I did not. I realized I left the phone at home. So back home I went. Told Marika to pick up. Got my phone. Went to work.

I hate when I forget my phone. Of course, it’s Friday and I forgot to bring my water bottle home. The 1/2 gallon one. Now I gotta sub in. Not the same. But, I am getting ahead of myself.

The day started at my former bank. The one that closed my accounts because I had a cannabis client. Assholes. Anyway, it appears that one month ago the FTB, State of CA, sent an electronic deposit to my closed account. The bank reversed it immediately. Of course, the FTB can’t find it. And insists on me proving that a national bank did not steal it. I hate those stupid assholes. The bank gave me a signed statement which said they sent it back. Best I could do. Goes to dumb ass FTB on Monday.

To the office cave, Robin! Well, not a cave, but it is dismal and damp. I did have work to do and I did it. All day. What did I do? I really don’t remember. I’m sick. And I have a bad memory. I ended up leaving early. I’m sick. I think I said that.

Trip home was uneventful and really slow. Love that. Took a few calls on the road. Emily called. I am now to go pick up dinner. Getting Pho and some other noodle dish. So, they gave me two very large and very hot plastic containers of broth in a plastic bag and put some surprisingly heavy containers on top of those. I put them in the car. While going down the street the heavy on top partially collapsed the now melty plastic containers. I have a leaky bag of hot broth in the floor of the car. Stopped at Rx store and tried to get the bag out but the container fell over, in the bag, and well, made a huge mess in and out of the car. I think those idiots at the Pho place need a beating. But, not from me. I went back, after clean up, and got more Pho. I was even polite. They don’t understand English anyway.

Went back to the Rx store, picked up my stuff and went home.

Emily got home a minute after me. Crazy. We managed to unload the cars and get settled. And finally have dinner. Which is nice.

Marika joined us soon after we had finished. She was at work. Brought a bottle of wine home that the bartender gave her. Very lousy wine. I don’t like sweet wines.

Emily has gone to bed. Not long after Marika got here. I am going soon too. I am very tired

And Another

Just tried to get the kid out of bed. Claims she is going to go with me to the gym. I am not convinced. Yet. Woke her at 650. Am. Now 659 and she just yelled something. At 650 she said three more minutes. How many times you heard that? Going for my last shot. Wish me luck. Cat is here. Head butting me. Don’t know what that means.

Will wonders never cease? I went in to wake her, she was awake. On her phone looking at “news” items. I think that’s awake. I stepped out so she could dress. Funny how some kid I have seen naked a thousand times can be so shy. Whatever. Cat was still on the couch and I am waiting with her now. 4 minutes. Past my appointed exit time. That’s my daughter.

On Tuesday and Thursday the spin idiots take over the back room at the gym at about a quarter to 8. So I like to get there early so I can get my floor exercises done before them. Now, I am late. Thanks kid.

Marika did much better today than yesterday. She kept up with me for the whole session in spite of being so sore from yesterday. Maybe she is motivated. She asked me how much the trainer would cost her. Sounds like she wants to get in real shape.

So, I woke up this morning and I had a sore throat and runny nose. Perhaps a case of common rhinitis. I hate sore throats. Hate them. The rest, I don’t care. I bring this up now since we stopped for fresh ginger on the way home from the gym. She is making some “tea” with ginger and lemon for my sore throat. What a nice girl.

I did drink an entire glass of the potion. Not much change. But hot lemon water with ginger is ok.

Got ready for work and took off. Marika was back in bed.

Not much on today’s calendar. File tax court petition. IRS auditor in to complete his audit. Of another client. Phone call scheduled for afternoon. That’s it. Like a barrel of monkeys – screaming, shitting and biting all over and on each other in an enclosed space. Why do people call that fun?

Work was same shit as yesterday, perhaps more phone calls but the rest was the same. Fantastic. The only thing I did that was different was go to my old bank. An electronic deposit from the state went to my old account, which was closed 18 months ago. My bank sent it back to the state. But the state can’t find it. So I have to track it for them. California FTB, as stupid as people get.

My sore throat did go away. So maybe Marika’s invention is worthwhile.

My drive home was bad. Traffic really did suck through Roseville. Did not enjoy the trip.

Stopped in Old Town to pick up soup for dinner per Emily’s orders. I went to the Indian place. They have the best tomato soup in town and it’s cheap. Sadly, I had to park a half mile away because downtown was packed. It’s only Thursday.

No worries. Home with soup, 3 16oz containers for $10.25. I said cheap.

Soup was excellent. I ordered some Naan to go with it. Good stuff.

Now we sit and watch bad TV. One hour of Holey Moley and then 40 minutes of Last Man Standing. Ok, not bad. Middling.


What a day. Hear this, Marika finally went with me to the gym. She worked out with me. Yes, I am as shocked as you. I was not sure this day would ever come. I have been trying to get her in the gym for the last forever, it seems. Today is that day.

My trainer took her in on a guest client thing. So she got a full session. Also, trainer decided to destroy us today. Asshole. Not sure what he was thinking, or if he was. I have been working with him for a couple months and can take whatever. Marika just restarted her workouts and has not been training at all for quite sometime. So she gamely tried to keep up. And did really well till the last two sets, floor kettlebell press alternating with push ups. It was miserable. Hard as hell for me. She made it more than halfway and quit. Push ups are murder. And I can forgive her since it’s her first day. But no more of that next time.

We limped out. Actually, I’m sore and fine. She limped. We went across the street for coffee. Even bought trainer Justin an almond milk latte. Everyone knows there are no boobs on an almond tree. And they taste like crap. And what the hell is with a trainer and former MMA fighter consuming almond milk? Weirdo.

Justin did say thank you.

Went back home. Cleaned up. Grabbed the convertible, and hit the road. First stop, Honda dealer to pick up the new cargo net for Emily’s car. Then off. To the bank to deposit a check and take back some cash for me. Then, off to work. Save fun for last!

Work. Nothing new. And boring. Love it!!

No I don’t. Nothing new happened. Worked. Prepared a tax court filing. Don’t do those very often. The rest was the usual crap. Way fun.

Left at 6pm. Thank god. Day over. Had a nice ride home. Traffic very light so I went fast. Got all the way to Auburn and hit traffic just off 80 on 49. Slow way down. No fun.

I did get home albeit slowly. Girls were gone. Marika has picked up dinner and Boudin. Soup and salad. Nice.

After dinner I installed the new cargo net. Amazingly difficult. Amazingly. To me at least.

Going to bed early. Because Emily is. And I do what she does. Bedtime.

Rumor is it’s Tuesday Today

The mornings crap went fine. Emily actually got up early enough to leave early. And get to school early. So I get to my workout early. Everyone wins.

Workout was same as usual. And today’s was boring. But I soldiered through it.

Went home, cleaned up, picked up the race car and went to work.

Again, for the umpteenth time, I worked and it was boring. I have an appointment at one, outside the office, so I quit at 1230 and headed out.

The appointment is with a prospective client. A dope dealer, I would say. Nowadays these idiots say they are in a “cannabis business”. Right. Drug dealers. Don’t tell them I said that.

The meeting was stupid and worthless. But in the end, new client. At $1000 a month. Paid in cash, as all drug dealers do. I don’t discriminate. As long as the money doesn’t smell like weed. I don’t smoke the crap although they did offer some to me for free.

After meeting went back to office. Had another tax appointment later same day. Not as exciting as the first one but that’s ok. Not all my clients can be drug dealers.

It is Tuesday so we gotta eat Mexican. So I managed to get out by 515. And head home. We are going toward Nevada City for dinner instead of heading into Auburn. And, the place is very close to our road. We discovered this when we went to Nevada City over last weekend. And, I’d like to say the place was great. But I can’t. The restaurant advertises $3.99 Margaritas on Tuesday. It’s the main reason we went. But, they were out of tequila. Out. There’s a liquor store behind the place. They have a second restaurant to borrow from five miles away. They were also out of mole, which was my choice. I hate this place. El Agave Taqueria. Don’t go there.

After dinner, at hone, I made margaritas at home. Better, cheaper and more volume. I hate that place.

I have been watching bad tv since we got back. Emily went to bed. She turned the TV on. Marika is watching her phone. Not sure what.

Let’s go with bedtime. I can go early too.


According to my friend Cissie, today has been cancelled and I can stay home. I n honor of that, I am going to workout and then go to work. That woman be crazy. Def.

Workout was tough, not sure why. Could be the workout, could be I feel like crap. Or some of both.

Back home, Marika is in bed sick. Sounds and looks like a cold. With drama.

After my clean up I pulled Marika out of bed. I need a drive to the auto shop to drop off the S2000 for LOF and an inspection. Ride back from the girl to pick up my other car, the Fit, and head to Sacramento. I have an auditor to meet. I hate auditors.

Drive was quick and uneventful. Everybody else must have heard Monday was cancelled and stayed home. People will believe anything.

So, auditor called and postponed till Thursday. Yay for that. I live auditors not coming. And my day opened up. I have no more appointments till 4 and that’s just a meet and greet.

So I worked most of the day, considering I arrived at 1230. My buddy Hal had called earlier, he was broken down in my parking lot. He had to catch a ride to his next appointment. He is coming back later to discuss what we are doing with current cases. Getting paid in then would be nice.

My four o’clock meet and greet was nice. Baseball fan. Sadly, the Dodgers. He is a LinkedIn person and wanted to meet to introduce himself and hit me up for new business. I like the guy, so could happen. Very difficult to say. And he is a Dodger fan.

After I finished up, he left and I was out the door right behind him. Gotta pick up the car before 7. Fortunately, no traffic. Again with that Monday was cancelled thing. Maybe Cissie should cancel it more often.

I did manage to make the homestead by 640. Close enough. Got the kid into the car and we were off. I let her drive my Fit, she dropped the clutch twice in the driveway. I don’t know what is down with that.

We made the auto repair by 655. Close. She left with my car and followed closely with the fast one. I had to stop for gas so any hopes of racing her are gone.

Gas filled, I raced myself home. I won.

Emily was home laying on the couch. Marika has already gone back to bed. Guess they heard about cancellation.

Em and I walked down to the road for the mail. Not much there. Good exercise but nothing of consequence.

We ate Friday’s leftovers for dinner. Marika ate soup, she is sick and miserable. I think soup helps.

A little bad TV followed. And into bed early.