Defined by Fun

Today I have a bit of a hangover from all the house shopping yesterday. I spent some real time in the car and plenty time just looking at house after house after house. It takes something out of you doing this. The movement from house to house is insane. You lose your ability to remember what you looked like. I call our realtor and she remembers. Thank god. But, his morning I felt beat up. Emily only made one trip up the hill. She was in better shape.

Day started out same as always. I am thinking I need a canned paragraph describing my morning chores that I can just insert every day into the blog. Some habits never change. Just for the record I did all the same things I always do.

Emily went off to work. I stayed hom for awhile. I got ready for work. And off to work. I did make a detour. Emily seemed out of sorts after yesterday’s RE debacle. So I went to Starbucks and got her an overpriced and not very good coffee. Delivered to school. I am so nice and thoughtful. Don’t you think?

And off to the bank. Why? I need to order a drillnout if locknon my safe deposit box. Lovely. Cost a fortune but I have misplaced the key during the move. So now, on Wednesday next at 930 am, with me present and watching, they will force open my box. And give me a new key. I shall endeavor to hold onto the key this time.

Now off to work. No big deal. Very nice boring drive.

Today’s work will be stopped at 330 since I am going to an event at the Bounty Hunter in Napa. A new distillery will be previewing their booze for us schmucks to taste and buy. Food provided, much smoked meat. Yay.

I worked on tax returns today. Could not finish any, worked on several. Will need more info. Not a notable day. Though did hear Cara may be done with jury duty finally. In time for her four day weekend vacay. Jury duty is vacay. Anyhow.

I left for home at 330. Though I am going out tonight, I need to stop home and let the dogs out. Otherwise the inside of the dog will end up all over my house. It’s how they operate, for those of you unfamiliar. When I got home, no problems. Out go the dogs. I hung with them for awhile and left for Napa and smoked meat about 430.

Strangely there was really no traffic. I drove as fast as I wanted all the way to the 12/121 split about 7 miles from destination. At that point I hit traffic lights in Napa. And it slowed down my trip. Because I swear I hit every one red. Bullshit. So the last 7 miles took 15 minutes. Crap. No worries, I left plenty of time in my schedule.

I got to Napa at about 540. Easily found parking. And then tracked down Marika. She was coming from home. She arrived five minutes later and got parked.

Ok, so what happened? We got to the restaurant expecting the party, as advertised. Well not so much. Turns out they did a self admittedly poor marketing job for the event. They sold nowhere near enough tickets. And hen cancell d the event. They told me they could not find my phone number and all they knew was two tickets. And someone tossed the event list of customers. So no event but here we are. All they could do was offer free food and beverage all night till we were happy. Well, ok.

So we ordered a platter of brisket, pork ribs and pulled pork with coke slaw. And of course all the booze they were going to pour atbhe party. Only in full shots and not pony’s. So we still had a great time. And the VP and marketing director and waiter all served us and apologized too much. And offered future events and food and liquor. So it was really nice. Maybe better than the party. I enjoyed myself. Marika had a great time. I had dessert too. Hey it’s included. I even ordered some off menu liquor. Like I said, they felt bad.

We sat and enjoyed ourselves for quite some time. But all good things end. We left with lots of leftovers. I took them home for Emily.

Quick trip home. Again, no traffic. I’m here watching the football game. And blogging. 49ers losing. Nothing new. I am going to bed. It’s time and I am tired. Booze does that. Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Bodega Bay. We will see. Not sure about my wife. I expect her to back out.

Redundant Road Trip

Today seems busy. Very busy. Emily is going to work as usual at regular time. But not me. I am leaving early, 730, to go to Auburn and meet RE Broker Linda to look at half a dozen houses. So I’m up extra early so I can leave the house too damn early. Buying a house should be easier.

I weighed in this morning. 157.5 lbs. Down 4 from last week. See, diets do work.

I got all morning duties done and was out the door at 728. I amaze myself. I stopped at the bakery and got a scone. Blueberry. It’s a reward for losing weight. Yes, ironic reward. But I don’t care. I wanted carbs.

The drive was beautiful. Fast, clear roads, sunny and cool. Nice all around. I got to our first appointment at exactly 9am. Perfect timing. Linda had just arrived.

Well, our first four houses went about the same. Two were outright rejected because they were awful. At least in my humble opine. The other two were better until I reached the 5th house at which point I rejected all priors that day. That’s because the 5th one was far superior in every way except location. It was way out past North Auburn which was 15 mins from the freeway. Still, a nice place and now on our consideration list. And the bring Emily back here list.

Off to number 6. Well, it was a beautiful home. The owner was an artist and the place was decorated with her art. Built in ‘61, it had an Eichler house vibe. A great example of a period piece. The back yard was eclectic, suiting the artist owner well. Still, yard was unique. Added to both lists.

I should mention, Linda pushed me through these places kinda fast. She had a mid day appointment to keep. But I did not get the most thorough looks.

We made another appointment to bring Emily back at 5 this evening to see the two houses. We felt she could help with a decision. Duh.

So Linda left, back to Dixon. I went to my office and called Emily on the way to discuss the houses. She was excited and ready to come up.

I had about 3 hours in the office till I left, again, for Auburn. I managed the usual tasks. I was somewhat distracted since this is as close as I have come to a house purchase yet. This time around at least. And last go round was 2002 so it’s new again. I was trying to work while thinking about how it would be to live in either house. You know, daydreaming or fantasizing (clean stuff, don’t go there) imagining what it would be like. Anyhow, thoughts about new house takes up work thoughts space in my head. Like an old closet, I gotta pull something out and toss it to get more in.

After three hours of half work half daydream, I left for Auburn. I was trying to time my trip to coincide with Emily and Linda’s arrival in Auburn. They called when they departed. Then I timed my exit. Not too far off. I hit Loomis and tried Find Friends and they were passing through Newcastle about 4 minutes ahead of me. They were 4 mi from end and me at 8.

So we arrived. I picked up three minutes in that span. As I have said before, I made good time.

This house is a fabulous 1961 vintage home. The owners obviously took care of it and put love into it. A beautiful home, in and out. Has most of what we want but not all. No third car garage, though the two is extra long. No workshop for me but space to add one. The owner was an artist and I think the room is there for Emily’s glasswork either in the house or garage already.

The house inside is clearly a work of art. All architecture matches the original design though it has been updated. There is no project needing to be finished or done inside. The owners artwork is on display, not overdone. And it is also quite beautiful. Definitely Emily’s style.

One more thing, the house is easy walking distance to downtown. That will be important when Emily gets old. I plan on staying 29 years old forever. I think that goal is achievable.

Ok. Off to next house. It is opposite in style to the first. It is about 15 minutes from the freeway and the last five on a one way width road to get to the driveway. Very isolated, though neighbors not so far away. It’s up up on a bluff and the view is OMFG glorious. Wow. It has a waterfall and pond with fishies. Yay!! No third car garage and no room because the property is like our piece of land, steep hill. So access to all of it is tough without digging into the hillside and building more road and retaining wall. Could be done. Don’t wanna.

Inside the house is very nice. Clean, fully remodeled. Though as Emily pointed out it looks a little alike everywhere esp in the bathrooms. Though that doesn’t bother me it is weird. Has an incredible future Air BnB. The entire downstairs is built as a separate unit. Easily fit four, separate entry. The house is on the Wine Trail too.

The living level, upstairs has everything. I like it. Emily does see the isolation and distance. That makes her unhappy which I do understand.

So we leave. Drive back home straight away since the dogs have been in all day. We discuss the houses with Linda. Seems pretty house wants an offer not contingent on appraisal. Bitch. Like here, gimme five for this thing worth four and shut up. No. And it comps for less. I hate people. Some idiot will overpay and I hope they have to sell in a down market. The other house has had two offers both rejected on price offered. Since then the owner has dropped the price $50K. Unclear on the concept maybe? Yes.

After discussions with my bride, we decide to pick neither. Too many things missing on each and price just not doing it. So we make no offers and restart. A little wiser than before. Depressing, esp for Emily.

Got home, watered the dogs and fed all beasts dinner. We had leftovers, which I love. I had said we should stop for dinner but Emily wanted to get the dogs out.

That’s the day folks. Off to bed and hope magic happens tomorrow. House hunting has its ups and downs. Tough to win the game.

Make Up Day

I need to apologize for yesterday. I cut short the blog because I failed to finish it. And I wanted to attempt Tuesday, so I published what I had. Don’t hate me. Maybe today is a makeup game of sorts. Or not.

Today is a special day. The annual slurry seal of neighborhood streets for our driving enjoyment. So I had to get out to the car and move it somewhere I could drive it from. I had to get out early. Emily set the alarm for 545, ouch, and just figured she would leave an hour early for work. That’s some fancy figuring cuz I don’t want to get up early at all. But I have to in order to get her breakfast and lunch done by the time she leaves. Even the dogs had a hard time getting up at the crack of too damn early.

Well I did manage to get all the usual crap done. And I had to drive a block and a half to find a legal parking space that got me out in spite of the slurry.

I dragged around the house till 10 before I left. Not sure what I was doing but it some serious time. Amazingly enough. Tomorrow I am up early enough to leave by 730. Going to Auburn to look at more houses. One of these days we might find one we like.

I went to work thinking I had nothing to do. Which turned out to be untrue. By nothing, I mean nothing scheduled. Got a text while in route reminding me about a one pm appointment with someone I don’t know. Was not in my book. I figured what the hell, I will be there at one anyway. Will find out then.

Got to work and jumped into the usual shit I do every day. My desk is really almost cleaned off. Work done. Paper filed. When that’s done I may have a serious amount of time free.

My one showed. Oh yeah, Joe my RE brokers neighbor. I know him. And his girlfriend Gail whom I met 20+ years ago. I really know her. And her kids. And ex. So I guess I take back what I said. We had a nice chat about tax things for an hour and they went on their way. Worked perfectly. One hour.

Really no plans now. I know you’ve heard it before, emails, calls, texts, letters and a couple tax returns for my race car tech. In his honor I spent a half hour on the internet in search of the perfect supercharger. I consider that half hour the best one of the day.

Emily called at 430, going to yoga. I told her I was going home at 6. Had to be in Dixon at about 7 so why leave early and wait.

I killed time processing more paper till 555 and left. Nice ride home, no real traffic. Hit Fixon at 645. Tonthe carniceria for taco Tuesday. Hey, it is to important. Had a chance to speak to the owner, Eduardo, and we compared our vacations. He is a pro but mine beat his for a change. Of course he goes on some form of vacay every month. Wow.

We got home at exactly the same time. Got the mail. Fed the damn animals. And finally got our dinner. I wait an entire week for Tuesday and I want it now. Or not.

After dinner we went to the pet store, no pets, to get my Cocker his prescription dog food. It’s over priced but keeps him alive. That’s good, right? Well we got it.

We are watching bad TV now. A common thing for our evenings. We don’t bother with the no cable options. Too much trouble. So bad TV wins. Again

Soon, bedtime.

Monday #3050?

It’s not that I am counting but I think that’s about right. When you look at the number of Monday’s you can go through the realization comes that it is a lot of days to hate. Everyone hates Monday’s. 14% of your life goes to Monday’s. If you are searching for happiness, start here by making Monday better.

Well, my Monday was about the same as any other weekday, so far. We crawled out of bed a half hour late and still very tired. Though, we did go to bed early. Go figure. Maybe it was the Tapas. Or the Sangria. Who knows. Or the drive. Or we were just tired. We all look for reasons as if we will do anything about it. Unlikely.

Fed all the people and animals. Almost. I forgot to make Emily’s breakfast. Oops. Not sure how that went down. She was not upset. Being 15 mins late out the house she probably would have taken her bowl of gruel in the car which makes her unhappy. That would fit Monday. I did remember her lunch. Not a total loser.

I made a new breakfast for me, a microwave egg white scramble. Actually quite good. But, very over priced as is most convenience food. But I need to break the eating the same thing every morning habit once in awhile. I did dump some hot sauce on it. Everything needs spice.

Almost A Day Off

It’s Sunday!! That’s the first day off of the week. Well, at least the first potential day off of the week. Today I had a few things to do. Like make breakfast for Emily and see her out the door to school. She has work. Then I read the paper. While I read the paper, I started on laundry. 4 loads. Changed the bed and towels. Poop patrol. Ironing. Washed and waxed my car, which looks fantastic. Had lunch. Finally over. Spent some time cruising the real estate sites. Did the dishes. Is all this sounding like a day off? No it’s not.

Emily’s one hour in class turned into three hours. No problem, l had lots to do. When she finally got home we had to go to Michaels, the junk merchant, not the son, to get some crap for her class she could not live without. Then off to the discount grocer for a few items we can’t live without. Sure. Then off to another store for the same. Normal Sunday.

Tonight we are meeting Marika “half way” to her house. We have her cat and a few sundry items of hers that have collected here since the big vacay. So at about 5?we loaded up the cat, in it’s carrier, and the other crap and went off to Sonoma. We are meeting at a Tapas place near the square. Actually, I am the one who picked the place.

We were supposed to meet at 630 but Marika was late. Held up at work. So Em and I went into a store across the street from the restaurant just to kill time. Spent a few minutes in there, found a Christmas gift even. W not back to the restaurant. Ordered a couple glasses of sangria and relaxed. Read through the menu, decided what we wanted, had another drink, waited for Marika. We were sitting at the bar since no tables were available. We waited for Marika so long that a table opened up. We moved to the table. 2 minutes later, the kid arrived.

We ordered cocktails. Yay Sunday night!! They did not have an extensive array of cocktails. Maybe two. We each had an excellent Daiquiri.

Waitress showed up quickly probably cuz she had been by several times for an order. We ordered seven items. Some squid, duck, goat stew, covered toast, etc. food was very good. As was service. And e were all hungry and made short work of it all. No more wine or cocktails, it is a school night. We did have dessert. Marika and I had the rice pudding and Emily had whatever chocolate dessert they had to offer. By the time we were done, all of us were full to the top. So we paid and went for a walk on the plaza to get the food moving through us. Turned out to be too cold for Emily so we decided to call it a noght and we all headed home. We moved Vlad and her crap to her car first, of course.

We drove home directly as did Marika. We unloaded at home after an uneventful drive. Time for an early bedtime. It’s 930. Rich food and booze makes us sleepy.

Day 6

Up bright and too early. Was not able to sleep in as long as I wanted. So early it is. Emily was up early as well. She had the same sleep issues.

We did the usual am stuff. Food for all. Emily left to go to her yoga workout. I finished reading the paper in peace. That’s my favorite workout. But I had chores too. Put out the garbage, mow the lawn, pick up the dog poo. All the fun stuff. The great thing about living in a rental is not having any homeowner duties. Nothing to fix, ever. So my days off are more days off from the house. Our last house was an insane amount of work. Glad it’s sold.

Emily returned from workout. I was done with all my chores, had a shower, cleaned up everything. Nothing left

She took a shower and afterward started cruising Zillow for houses to view. Sadly, she found a couple that we thought were worth seeing. And both had open houses today. How lucky. Not.

Dogs were headed to the groomer today. So we called the groomer and she let us drop the dogs early and leave them for extra time so we could quickly scoot up to Auburn and see the places. Which is what we did.

Anyone familiar with Zillow knows it to be an effective marketing tool. They have full disclosure of property for sale in writing, and pictures. About 30 for any given house. So we both read through the listings in detail before we left.

So we left. Headed to groomer in Woodland. Then up Hwy 5 to 80 north to Auburn. A 45 minute drive.

First house, fabulous 50’s mid century modern home. No. Funky old house with very piece mealed improvements of sorts. $100k at least needed to bring front and back yard up to livable standards. Zillow only had photos from a distance. No wonder. Neighborhood was very nice, just beautiful. Of course you live in the house. So we were screwed by a listing on Zillow.

Second home, we walked up to it and Emily was just gushing. It’s my house, blah blah. I noticed the very long overdue need of a total paint job. $$. We went inside, and downhill we went. The kitchen was clean, sort of, but cabinets were chewed up. We toured the house. Everything inside was old, though it photographed well. The master math was remodeled nicely. So what. Nothing else was. There were four levels of decks in various states of rot. Sure, spend $100k. The home was completely unspecial.

I need to learn how to read a Zillow listing or I may waste all future weekends going up and down the foothills 80 corridor. We have another listing we want to see in Newcastle. Not sure I want to go.

Down the hill, disappointment on the breeze that blew in the car windows. Or maybe that was residue from all the fires. Can’t say.

We went to Woodland and picked up the dogs. Groomer was her usual grumpy self though her husband was in a fine mood. We had a nice chat.

We went to a furniture store on Main Street to see a particular chair Emily had picked out for the new house. Store closed. This day is not successful.

Home, no more worries. One screw up. We meant to go to the grocery store. We forgot. So out again. Got our groceries. Back to the house. Fixed food for stupid animals. Then food for us. Meatloaf again which is the only win today.

We have been watching bad TV for the the last 90 minutes. I even saw part of ET. Please blind me, that show is horrible.

It is now late enough, finally, to go to bed. This day is done. Maybe I can accomplish something of import tomorrow.

Flushed to Visalia

The old saying, flush twice, it’s a long way to Visalia. That’s how I feel. Marika and I are going to Visalia today, on purpose, not against our will, to see the family patriarch. Dad insists on staying in Visalia for some ungodly reason. So we go visit, when possible, and put up with the foul air (3rd worst area in USA), foul weather and foul civic environment. I’m a real booster, right? I did six years hard time in Visalia. Swore I would never return. I haven’t except for very short controlled visits. Visalia is a totally hot, dry and cheerless place not unlike Passaic, New Jersey. Only worse. I hate Visalia.

Still have a work day in front of me. Before Visalia. It’s a shame I can’t drink before but a four hour drive with a cocktail or two seems unwise. Drinking to get me into Visalia seems wise. A conundrum.

So. What did I do all day. Started account reconciliation. Four hours. I am probably halfway done. Yikes. Finished up a tax return. Made a few calls. Yes, this took all day. Stop wishing you were me, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds.

Marika showed up long after 5. About time. She is always late for everything. She may be related.

I got all ready to leave. Lights. Locks. Leak. And we’re off. Drove my car which we both like better than hers. Go figure. The trip is about 3 to 3.5 hours dep being on traffic. Well, traffic was light. We moved along at about 75 mph on Hwy 99. 99 has been widened over the past few years and now boasts 3 lanes most of the way. We now get the hell thru the hell of the central San Joaquin quicker than ever. That’s progress.

We made Modesto in under 90 minutes and stopped at In and Out for dinner. I would prefer to search for something better off the interstate but we wanted to get there. So fast food wins today. Meal was no more memorable than any other rapidly prepared and cheap meal ever is.

Ten minute detour for dinner and backnon 99 south. Marika is now driving and I get to enjoy the scenery. Since there is nine I read the billboards. Lots of evangelicals advertising anti abortion messages, my future in heaven, etc. Also, if I happen to kill a blasphemer, there are a ton of signs for criminal defense attorneys. The balance of adverts is fast food, ah poison, and conservative political messages. Always a joy, does pass the time.

We made Visalia very quickly. About three hours plus the time stopped. Dad was still awake, though getting close to ten. I think he was waiting for us. His days are kinda slow and boring for the most part. Visits do cheer him up and give him something new to do.

We traded a little conversation and went to bed. I am usually in bed by 10. Dad is asleep by 7. He sleeps a lot. He’s a toddler.

Friday. That’s right, this blog post is a twofer. Both Marika and I slept poorly. I was awake several times during the night. Woke up about six and laid awake till 8. Then got up. Both bed and room are not comfortable. Comfort is not high on dad’s list for guests. He is a horrible host. Oh well.

Marika and dad were up not long after me. Mimi, dad’s assistant had already made a pot of coffee. So nice. I got a couple cups quick without any work.

No one made a move to make breakfast. Turns out dad was taking us out, he just never said anything. About 10 we went to Black Bear Diner. For those of you unfamiliar, it’s a semi themed coffee shop. About 2.5 stars out of 5. Passable. I would never choose it but dad is paying. I had eggs and pork chops, the special. Ok. Not great. Marika had an omelette she did not finish. We sat and chatted for a half hour after we were done. The service had been abysmal so we were there for awhile. I showed dad all the interesting photos I had from the trip. I curated a bit, or it would take all day. He has not seen Morocco in forty years. So it was quite a bit of fun sharing what I saw. I know he wants to go back but his physical limitations are huge and there is no Moroccan or European version of the ADA.

We went back home and for most of the day did what dad does. Watch TV at a very high volume. Did I mention dad is rather deaf? Maybe you didn’t hear me. Lol. His days are like this yet he still insists on living in Visalia (hell). Stubborn old bastard. I have got to remember not to turn out like him.

Dinner about 6. Yesterday Emily had made meatloaf. She made an extra for dad. And I actually remembered to take it with me when I left home AND left the office. I amaze my self. Marika made a salad to go with it. Dad opened a bottle of red I would call only slightly drinkable. Maybe 3.5 out of five. Mimi joined us. She did not have much work today so all four of us enjoyed the meatloaf. I love meatloaf. A lot. Yes, I would marry it. Don’t ask.

We hung out till about seven and headed out. Visalia is tiring. Very tiring.

We made Sacramento in 3 hours. Picked up Marika’s car and 30 mins later in Vacaville. Amazingly good time we made. Yoda. Marika came in, reported to mom, kissed her cat, and went home. I went to bed. Long day.

It’s Wednesday. Big, Fat, Hairy, Deal

I expect today will turn out to be just as exciting as any other. So buckle your seat belts! Sure.

This morning was none to exciting. Every weekday work morning is the same. Almost exactly. Right down to when I brush my teeth. I am aware people look for excitement or humor or god knows what when they read this but that’s not the norm. I really don’t know anyone who operates off habit, esp in the morning. It makes life easier.

I left the house much earlier than usual. At least an hour. I don’t know why. I have no appointments at work. I stopped at the bakery and had a piece of coffee cake but no coffee. Living on the edge. The coffee cake was rhubarb and I really love rhubarb. So I think this was a very exciting turn.

Off to work. Only not. I stopped at Tremont School to talk to Emily. I had received an invitation to an event at a local restaurant/wine&liquor purveyor. A new brewery in Napa was having an open house there to show off their wares, along with food and cocktails. I thought this would be fun. Marika decided, this morning, she was in. She called me during coffee cake. I had to go ask Emily. So I did. Turns out, since it’s a Thursday evening for the party, she won’t go. It’s a school night. Now, I think that’s a parents excuse for a kid. I think the teacher can go out and get liquored up any night. Obviously not Emily. So, I left school. I bought two tickets for the kid and I. No wife. Marika and I will have fun.

Ok. Now, off to work. Only not. I went to the post office for the first time since I left in June to check out PO Box. It was empty. Which means it WAS full and they pulled it all out. So up to the counter and got my stuff. There were of course the weekly ad mailers (8 weeks worth) and not much else. Not much except for my google payment cards. They pay me to look over my shoulder on device searches. They pay ME. No shit. $106 in cash cards. Usually runs to $60 per month. Easy money. Pays for gas or a dinner out. Fun money.

You’re thinking gonto work already. Why? First trip to the bank next. Had to cash my royalty check I received yesterday. Everybody sends me a little tribute. What next? A long, quiet, comfy ride to work. Errands must end eventually.

Work was quiet today. Cara is in jury duty and she is the talker in the office. When she is out it’s quiet as a morgue in here.

I had no appointments today. I actually was very directed today and my floor next to my desk is clean. And the desk itself is near clean too. I’m excited. Maybe tomorrow I can be back to pre trip levels. I’m not going to be in on Friday so it’s my only chance this week.

Tomorrow night Marika and I will be driving to Visalia to visit Dad/grandpa. And coming back Saturday. I am making meatloaf tonight for dinner and making an extra to take to him. Seems a fine idea.

Back to office. It’s cleaning up. I am actually looking to pick up more work soon. I have some new clients and I have the 9/15 tax deadline to finish as well. I have ten returns waiting for me in Stockton to pick up.

Left the office at 3pm. Just because. I felt like going home. No stops. Got to Vacaville so early I was able to enjoy the afternoon traffic. I have to remember which exit to take at that time of day. Insane.

Got home. Let the idiot dogs out. Got the mail. Relaxed for a while. Nothing new. Decided to finish he blog to current. I hate to disappoint people. Been sitting with the annoying black cat for the last half hour. Anyone want a cat? I am hoping Emily will be home by 615. It’s back to school night and she didn’t go all out as is her habit. Wow. Leopard can change her spots.

I am gonna go de-poop the back yard. Always fun and smelly. Yay. Then I guess start dinner.

By start dinner I mean mix the burger and sausage together in a large bowl. Emily is in charge of all things meatloaf. When she gets home from back to school night she can spice it. I chopped some broccoli up for a veggie. I work hard.

I have been sitting around texting, internet searches, etc. I am using find friends to track Emily. She ended up home at about 645. And she spiced the meatloaf and it’s in the oven right now. I am hungry and tired of waiting here at 740. Watching Wheel on the Telly is not making things better.

So it’s back to sit around. Only difference is TV is on. Emily can’t be home without the TV on. I personally believe life is better without the noisy picture box.

Meatloaf took over an hour. By which time we were both starving. I love meatloaf. I really love meatloaf sandwiches. They are absolutely the bomb. Have loved them since I was a kid. Probably why I love hamburgers.

We are doing what you would expect after dinner. Watching TV. I do like the show but I have been packing my bag and getting ready for tomorrow while Emily snores. That’s fun. And at times hilarious. But at least soon enough I get to go to bed and read a book. I like books. They make no noise except inside my head. Which is already noisy, but the book noise will drown it out.

Time for sleep. Got lots to do tomorrow

Last Day of the Week

Another oops. Shld been Sunday

It’s Sunday. Today is truly shaping up to be a day off. I am home alone. I have 2 chores. Groceries done sononly need to fold laundry. Emily not here. I am actually bored, like Ed.

Today we slept till 830. Finally sleeping in. Only one glorious day but at least we got it.

Usual start to the day – doggy constitutional, breakfast for all, coffee (I finally bought a bag). Usual. I had the time to sit and spend an hour with my friend the Chronicle. We have been in a relationship for 50 years. Very nice. The weeks crap was really done by yesterday except light grocery shopping. Emily has a girls day with her sister and a friend. So she will be gone. I have to fold laundry and I am done. I reallly will have nothingbtondonfor half a day. Half a day out of seven to myself.

So went to the grocery store. Really was light shopping, only $30. Perishables only. I did forget to go to the butcher shop. I’ll get something from the freezer. If there is anything. My whole trip was under 30 mins.

My friend Cissie called when I got back. We had a nice time catching up on all the mundane, yet very important things going on in our lives. Cissie and I twent at pretty much every day but the once in awhile call is nice. Our call crossed her nap time so she had to go. She is canning blackberry jelly once her nap time is over. Maybe she will send me some. Boy, that would be awesome. Especially after all the homemade goodies she sent last week.

Ok. Laundry is folded and I am up to date on today’s blog. What to do? I will report back later.

Well, what to do? How about nothing? Or at least not much. I did a few mundane things. Nothing special hence the mundane tag. Emily and Dee came home in late afternoon. Their girls day turned out to be mostly shopping which is not a surprise. I would expect no less.

So Dee took off for home. And her new four pair of shoes went with her.

We ended up getting dinner started. Only started because Emily had no rice for risotto. So we went to the store. I got to go through the meat on sale like Ny Strips 30% off. I got those. Emily decided to buy pork ribs. We already had them in the freezer it turned out. And we got risotto. Which we also had in the cupboard. So the trip was 50% wasted time. Too bad.

The combo of a t bone and lamb steak was great. The risotto was ok. The wine I opened was not much of a Cabernet, too fruity. Although the salad was fantastic. Dishes done now. We watch TV. Nothing much on. Waiting for the excitement.

Tuesday Morning in the Afternoon

What do you have to lose? Gonna tell it like it is. Listen to me baby.

Tuesday is way better than Monday. Just sayin. Only thing I know is going on today is the appointment I rescheduled from yesterday. Other than that the day is new and exciting and unknown. All that, unlikely. I hope I can find something to make this day one of a kind. One of a kind good I mean.

Well, all morning items as checked off on the checklist are done. And no different than usual. Definitely not one of a kind. The excitement of morning chores was not palpable. Sorry.

Drive to work was the same. One quick detour. I stopped at Starbucks and got a caramel macchiato and took it to Emily at work. Women need to know you think about them when they aren’t around.

This act of kindness brings up a question: when the hell did a cup of flavored coffee at Starbucks go to $4.75. That’s half a movie. A full meal at McDonalds. A pound of hamburger. Come on, the crap isn’t even good coffee. I always buy a small coffee when I go there. Which isn’t often. Outrageous is the word I use for this. Wow. This is why I make coffee at home or get an americano at the bakery for $1.50.

Moving onward. Work. Got there about 11. That’s early for me. Have I mentioned I hate work? Makes me a late arriver every day. The work today? In a word, scintillating. Ok, boring. The usual load of paperwork plus a call to the IRS. I would be jealous of me too.

Late in the afternoon a client came by. He thought he had an appointment. He didn’t. But I was in need of some excitement so I saw him. We spent a couple hours working on three tax returns. Normal stuff. He is a very entertaining guy, a car salesman. So we usually have a blast. This part of work I enjoy. I managed to finalize all but the paper part of the taxes. That can be mailed later.

This appointment lasted till 430. I had another appointment at 4 and he showed up 10 minutes late. Weird thing, he left. Got a text later and he said he was to busy anyway to see me. Very strange.

Was ready to head home. Got a text from Cara. She has been out today for jury duty. Well, she got picked. Great. Now I am out an employee for a week. I called her, she said she had tried to not get picked but it would appear she was not forceful enough with the attorneys to demonstrate her lack of ability as a juror. Putting it straight, she screwed up. Worse for her, I don’t pay for days off for this bs. Too bad.

I headed home. The drive? Crazy, crazy dull. I stopped on the way at our favorite carniceria for Taco Tuesday. This time they had Chile verde. Hurray for us.

While having dinner I called Michael. He has an interview for a paying internship in Salinas at a County hospital. Sounds like a nice opportunity. He has been sick for over a week so he was more sickly than excited. His mom and I are very excited about it. We did not let on. Mostly. I can hope.

Michael also made an offhand remark about my brother in law. He was in the hospital for a few days. And no one called. Which includes my dumb ass sister Doriene. She left for London in the middle of this last week. She has work. Stupid bitch. Oops. I meant to call her a stupid inconsiderate bitch. My bad. Her husband goes in the hospital and she goes out of town for work.

I phoned Vince and talked to him. I offered to help but he says he has been able to get up and walk for over 24 hours so he thinks he can do things by himself without help. He sounds awful and is on lots of meds. Not dying as I understand it. And no one called. Confusing.

We went to the store to get a few provisions. We are making meatloaf. Marika and I are going to Visalia on Thursday to see dad/grandpa so we are making an extra meatloaf for dad. He will probably get mad. But, he gets mad about everything.

Back to home. A little clean up. Off to bed